Truthful Transition 

Today India or rather Indians globally celebrate Her Republic Day. With a sense of deep pride and much fanfare the Tricolour is unfurled from every mast worth it’s salt, speeches on her history, tall claims of accomplishment made by each of the speakers, be it an individual or a political entity are made, welfare schemes for the future are proclaimed and citizens are honoured. 

Ten heads of States from the ASEAN countries were the chief guests for the Republic Day celebrations in the national capital this year, a goodwill gesture or a calculated move is food for thought. The grand event at the main venue commenced by commemorating the supreme sacrifice laid down by an army personnel, who laid down his life fighting extremists along the border of our Motherland. His widow stood before the President to receive the title bestowed on him posthumously while the episode was being narrated briefly. 

As the young lady stood motionlessly like a statue with her head bowed down I wondered what her thoughts could have been. She would have already undergone so much of trauma in solitude. Here she stood expressionlessly before the dignitaries from all over the world and the media focusing on her every move and relaying them instantly on their channels. Was she bound by protocol? Listening to the commentator my vision blurred as I watched the television, my eyes brimming. Having received the award the lady walked away and after taking his seat I did not miss seeing the President take out his handkerchief, remove his spectacles and wipe his eyes which might have also welled up like mine. 

Life is so mechanical that very few people spare the time to contemplate. We are here today because our soldiers guard our frontiers, waterways and the skies. They brave the harshest of climates be it the scorching heat, the freezing cold or the torrential rains. They are everywhere dutifully safeguarding the lives of the civilians from the enemies, natural calamities, riots and any other disaster, even though they are away from their families and loved ones for long durations of time. 

We find may people walking around arrogantly little realising that all that they think they have conquered is only momentary. Heads held high, chests swollen with pride and moving as if the entire universe abides by their command they hardly get time to analyse themselves. Every homo sapien is not necessarily a human. How can someone who just does not give a thought to the feelings of others be called human? 

Life is so uncertain, short for some and never ending for some. Little do we realise that a person whom we meet today may be the last time, tomorrow we or the other person may just be a memory. Some of our accomplices leave us midway suddenly due to a host of reasons, terminal illnesses being one such and after battling it out for as long as they can some succumb as if in answer to the prayers. The vacuum so created by many take a very very long time to fill leaving their near and dear ones devastated. 

Death is a certainty for every being that has taken birth. Just as the page of the calendar is turned at the end of the month and finally a new one replaces the old at the end of the year, life moves on. Beliefs, myths and fables have given us different interpretations. Some believe in life after death, some in attaining oneness with the Creator, the Lord of the universe, whereas some differ from both. What the soul goes through during transition is only hearsay. Nobody has come back to narrate their tales to us. 

Having come across many who are terrified with the transition, I wonder what causes the fear in them. Death is an irreversible truth, why hesitate to accept it. Live a life as useful to others as you can and leave memorable footprints on the sands of time. Live in the hearts of those whom you leave behind. 


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