Let my kite soar 

Every now and then a huge wave rose up far in the horizon and rushed towards us lashing at our feet and retreating as if playing hide and seek only to come back with renewed gusto to drench us further as we sat on the sandy beach by the seaside. A little boy lost his balance and fell down as the sand drifted from under his feet which was culled away by the wave which caught him unawares. The spool of thread fastened to his kite got caught in a nearby tree and he had to release his treasured kite heavy heartedly lest it would tear, which he did not want at any cost. What a pathetic look he wore, clothes all wet, feet fully  covered with the sand which refused to drop off even as he tried to brush it away and his prized possession soaring higher and higher up in the sky moving further away from him gradually, totally cutting itself away from him far into the unknown skies out of his sight as he looked on helplessly. 

My hand felt a sudden squeeze as my friend with whom I was out for a stroll tightened her grip. “Did you notice that? Could you fathom the boy’s emotions?” she asked me. I did just that with my life, she said. When I felt that the  relationship I treasured more than anything in my life was being tied down forcibly by me, I gave him the liberty to let go as there was nothing greater for me than his happiness. Why should I be so mean to hold him back while he was fluttering to break free? The look on her face spoke volumes more than her words. 

His days used to run short of time when he wanted to hear me every minute of the day whether what I said made sense or not, my problems were his own and he too shared some of his worries though not all, she kept blabbering as if in a trance. The good times spent together will live beyond my grave, the happiness he gifted me deserved a greater reward than tying him to my apron strings.Slowly it kept waning to just the customary stuff. No, I never felt that he loved me any less coz he vehemently emphasised so at the drop of a hat. Her gaze steady on the lashing waves at dusk, she continued that it was not a day or two, not a week, nor ten days since she heard from him which broke her heart but she didn’t want to show it. It could turn to weeks, weeks to months, months to years and years to eternity.”I’ll go mad if I’m not able to talk to you”, she remembered him say but actions didn’t match words. Determined not to pester him as he may have his own reasons, his family, his preoccupations, his busy schedule and other such things unknown to her, she feigned happiness. 

There’s nothing greater than sacrifice everything for one’s love, she slowly muttered. I’ve set him free akin to that little boy’s kite, he’s free to soar to his destination. Yes, I did see a tiny drop glistening in the corner of her eye which she tried to hide even from me her best friend, with a sheepish smile on her face. Her happiness had caved in and there she lay devastated with a smile on her face. I wonder how she could do it! How do I console her? Didn’t I hear the thud with which her soul fell? 


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