When dreams come true

Spending a sleepless night, which has become a routine of late, I rummaged through my favourite  music to see if they could help in taking me back to slumber land, but to no avail. It’s nearly dawn and I’ve been trying hard since midnight, waiting for fairy godmother to wave her magical wand as in fairy-tales so that I could drift into sweet sleep. Taking a stroll in my small hostel room, drinking some water, looking at the stillness of the night through the window and other tricks do not help me.


Thoughts galore flood my mind, I try my best to open my memory to pleasant ones. Out of the blue I think of reading a random post on my blog which has been nearly abandoned for a long time now. Reading and writing have taken a back seat as other preoccupations over rule them these days.


“With me hand in hand ” is what I chance upon. Suddenly I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I really did get a dream come true opportunity to experience whatever I had written in it, minus the hand that promised to lead me there.


School years are the best part of one’s life and school friends are very dear no matter how many more friends one has added over the years. There’s no room for one upmanship amongst childhood friends, the warmth and bonding only intensifies with distances and passage of time.




After a good thirty seven years, we gathered last Christmas vacations in the land many of us classmates were born and where we all grew up. Time flew as we relived our childhood and bridged the gap of the years spent apart, updating our lives in the only two days we had in hand because of the official commitments of many of us. Our joy knew no bounds when we visited our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs Peacock an octogenarian now, who remembered us by name, the pranks, our siblings who studied in the same school and so many little incidents. A day well spent in our Alma Mater, sitting on the little benches, singing the songs we learnt, imitating some of our teachers in mock classes, having lunch in school, visiting every nook and corner to brush away the dust from our memories which were associated with school.


Though I had once dreamt of visiting my dear land, I thank God profusely for making it possible and to everyone else who supported me, especially my daughter who was more excited than me and did so much of planning and preparations for months together.

“Reverberating at the back of my mind are your words
Am waiting to be taken back to those golden days
Days of yore they seem but so vividly etched in my soul
If there is a period of time I’d love to relive, yes this is it
Waiting for a day when these dreams come true
Don’t give up yet, look through my eyes at the beautiful memories I cherish
If not now then in posterity I’d love to be there
Yes, you promised to live there with me hand in hand.”


in hand


2 thoughts on “When dreams come true

  1. After long time, nice to read!!
    The most amazing days of our life when there was no responsibility of real world but a huge tension of completing homework in a given period of time.


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