365 days………..


A deep sense of restlessness overcomes me. I am told not to mourn and hold you back from your onward journey into the other world. But how can I forget all these years when you were with us to look after us, care for us and also admonish us?  You taught us how to match our first footsteps, how to keep our belongings tidily and well organised, our discipline stems from you. We were taught to iron our clothes with stiff creases, polish our shoes till they gleamed, sent to the best school imparting education at par with international standards. You had such  sharp comprehension, maybe a part of which we have inherited. Never would you have a morsel of food when at home without giving us the first bit. Even the prayers I say, the hymns I sing all remind me of you. Each time I push my spectacles up my nose I remember how aggrieved you were when somebody flung a stone into my eye while returning from school and how you rushed me to Eye Hospital, Sakchi. Your penchant for photography was at times a cause for discord with Mummy but today we flip through the pages of our albums with elan. Innumerable memories moisten my eyes, just can’t list them. As I look closely at your last pictures I can literally hear you ask Mummy why I am crying. Your children and our Mummy have learned to live the last 365 days with smiles on their faces, not that we forgot you even for a single day or even a moment. Not withstanding anything that anybody says, you were my bestest Daddy and will forever remain so. Love you very much. May God keep you happy always. Please bless us and guide us always. 


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