Anything that’s precious is timeless, so it is said. Time is one such thing and it can neither be measured nor be borrowed, lent or bought. Giving a bit of it can make a world of difference to somebody.

Lending a bit of one’s precious time to another whose joy knows no bounds due to an achievement or a recognition can boost the person’s confidence and enable him to surge further. He can work wonders towards improving himself and thereby towards the betterment of society and the nation at large.

Time lent to a person in doldrums can help to lift him out. A patient hearing is all that he may need. He doesn’t expect a solution, just sharing and caring. There have been instances of so many deaths in distress which could have been avoided had there been somebody to hear them out.

A peek into one’s conscience when one’s mind is relatively unoccupied, neither too happy nor worried, might bring up alarming realities. Have there been instances when one’s child came running up to narrate his small accomplishment but one was too busy with some work which was more important? Was a thought given as to what went through his little mind and how his little heart felt? Have there been instances when a loved one, a friend or relative, wanted a bit of one’s time but one kept putting it off? Maybe one was aware that what he wanted to share were not good tidings and so kept putting it off.

Let there not come a time when one may repent on lost time. Time can neither be wound back nor situations in life repeated to make ammends. If one tries to be more selfless and spends a bit of one’s time with a loved one who needs not one’s happiness or riches, just some time, the world would surely be a better place to live in, would certainly have more smiling faces.


3 thoughts on “Time

  1. The third paragraph means the world to me. Because I’ve been in that position a lot, and a friend’s precious time has helped me to come out of that doldrums. And the other way too, where I’ve heard a friend out in such a phase, and that friend has felt better. Time is indeed something very valuable 🙂 I like this post, and the wisdom in it. Thank you.

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