I, me and mine

Something that I loved to do as a child was to read, which was secondary only to music in my life. There were many a times when I was caught at home reading story books hidden in larger text books during study time. Often I did pick up my pen to jot down a few lines of poetry secretly for myself, which I would enjoy reading at leisure. My writings and readings always had a touch of life and liveliness. As a child and even later on, I have won some competitions in writing and was immensely pleased to see my articles published in magazines. Never did I like reading or writing serious stuff then and even now as a grown up, unlike my daughter who would be engrossed in any printed matter under the sun. I have often spotted her ironing out a crumpled piece of paper on the kitchen platform in which the grocer wrapped up something and reading with rapt attention. She writes as well as she reads too.

A job and marriage changed priorities and my interests had to be shelved to the back burner. With very little time left after attending to work, home and hearth I had nearly forgotten to write and read anything beyond the daily newspaper. When children grew up and I had more time on my hands and used to write very privately only for my reading. I was shy that I was not up to the mark and also about what people would think of me because I mainly dwelt on relationships: parents, siblings, family, friends, spouses, lovers, classmates and any other relationships that I saw around me.

One day a very dear one of mine happened to prod me onto writing something because my style of messaging were impressive, it was felt. I was continuously coaxed and nudged into setting up this blog of mine, forcibly breaking out of my privacy. Even today I am quite jittery about what the response would be to what I write. I am here to share my views on happenings around me, mainly human relations and to make friends with like minded people. I would love to read their works and imbibe from them.

My dear one looks forward to my writing a great deal and publishing a book of mine some day. That is a tad too much for a novice like me, but I believe that if I aim for the stars maybe some day I will reach the skies at least. My aim is to live up to my loved one’s dream and fulfill it and not let it down.




This is as a part of the Blogging101 I have enrolled :

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.





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