With me hand in hand

in handA walk along the path where I took my first baby steps
Sitting on the grass in the park where I played
Watching children sliding down those slides where once I slid
Wishing I could swing once again on those swings
Yes, you promised to walk me there hand in hand.

Walking together to my school where once I studied
Watching kids play on the play fields where once I did
Climbing up the Jungle Jim which once I did
Looking at kids stand attention as the gong goes like once I did
Observing the disciplined children line up in the assembly like once I did
Exchanging greetings with teachers as once I did
Trying to sit on those small benches where I once sat
Yes, you promised to take me there hand in hand.

A walk along those corridors which once witnessed my footfalls
Rummaging through the books in the huge school library which once was my den
Fingering the equipments in the Physics lab of which once I was in awe
Looking at the chemicals in the Chemistry lab which was once my horror
Smiling at everything in the Biology lab where once I loved to experiment
Yes, you promised to take me there hand in hand.

A visit to the house that was once my home
Sitting on the railings leading up to the house as once I did
Admiring the colours of the roses in the park which once I loved
Looking at the rainbow colours of the fountains there which I once admired
Eating from wayside eateries which once I enjoyed
Yes, you promised to walk me there hand in hand.

Reverberating at the back of my mind are your words
Am waiting to be taken back to those golden days
Days of yore they seem but so vividly etched in my soul
If there is a period of time I’d love to relive, yes this is it
Waiting for a day when these dreams come true
Don’t give up yet, look through my eyes at the beautiful memories I cherish
If not now then in posterity I’d love to be there
Yes, you promised to live there with me hand in hand.


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