Heroes : Sung and Unsung ~ UBC 20



Thi Khoon Se Lath Path Kaayaa
Phir Bhi Bandhuk Uthaake
Dus Dus Ko Ek Ne Maaraa
Phir Gir Gaye Hosh Ganwaa Ke
Jab Ant Samay Aayaa To
Keh Gaye Ke Ab Marte Hain
Khush Rehanaa Desh Ke Pyaaron
Ab Hum To Safar Karte Hain
Kyaa Log The Wo Deewaane
Kyaa Log The Wo Abhimaani
Jo Shahid Hue Hain Unki
Zaraa Yaad Karo Qurbaani

 These lines penned by Kavi Pradeep and rendered in the soulful voice of Lataji were enough to bring tears to the eyes of free India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The verses are evergreen and still hold good today. Anyone who truly understands the meaning of these simple words stringed together cannot but feel a pinch in their hearts, a lump in their throats and of course moisture in their eyes.


Today as India celebrates Vijay Diwas to mark the victory of the Kargil War, I am reminded of the days when the war was being fought. Early morning all of us would wait eagerly for the newspapers to arrive. Sharing was the name of the game; each one reading the pages which one could lay hands on and passing it on for the next person to continue the column he was reading. Every bit of news on radio and television was heard and seen eagerly with a heavy heart.


Our hearts went out in prayer for the soldiers fighting for us on the freezing cold Himalayan terrain, many a times without food or water maybe, though we were unaware of it. Mothers with a heart of steel, who sent out their sons  urging them to protect their Motherland; young and newly married wives putting up a brave face or holding back a tear while bidding good bye to their young husbands to answer the call of their Motherland; aged parents boosting the morale of their sons even while their safety was uncertain, to fight for their Motherland; young children seen crying when their fathers left home to protect their Motherland were all very disturbing.


War only brings about destruction for the vanquished as well as for the vanquisher. Not to speak of the ruin to the economies and other such aspects, to a layman it is the peace he loses. The sight of bloodshed, the sorrowing families, the devastated country all add up to his mental agony.


In the video attached are numerous sung heroes but the number of  those unsung are far greater. Let us not forget that we lived peacefully in the safety of our homes due to the unstinting dedication and supreme sacrifice of our brethren fighting the enemy at our borders. Many might have been anxiously waiting to get a glimpse of their unborn child; may have been deprived of a last look of their aged parents; may have been longing for a warm hug of their siblings; may have been eager to hold and kiss their children; may have wanted to spend time with their spouses; may have longed read a letter from home when duty gave them a call never to return to fulfill their wishes. Burying their small and just personal desires they marched ahead, fought for us so that we live on in peace and never came back to their families. Many might have returned home but not in a condition to support their families, lucky are the ones who have endured and returned hale and hearty. Mere thanking these brave soldiers should not be a deterrent to their morale, but should be taken as a small and sincere gesture from a fellow countryman. A salute to the families of those valiant heroes who sacrificed their blood for you and me to live in peace!





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