Hook off the net ~ UBC 19


De-addictions can be of various types, de-addiction from intoxicants like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, abuse etc. What I was left aghast was an article about a de-addiction centre with a difference. Aimed at very young children hooked to the digital world, an NGO has launched this centre.


Children of today grow up with computers and laptops, mobile phones and other gizmos, even the names of which may not be familiar to many of the elders. The internet has flung open wide doors into communication and knowledge acquisition, both good and bad. Beginning with these activities children are drawn into the whirlpool of the internet. Very young kids are members of many social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike messengers and several other chat groups and operate them without much parental control. The first thing in the morning and last at night are a tete-a-tete with their “closed” circle of friends.


This has led to less companionship with their peers, family or anybody at all. Teenagers may not be able to imagine a life without the internet and this leads to insomnia, depression and social withdrawal in them. In my childhood, we used to rush back from school with the sole aim of playing outdoors and thereby exercising unknowingly. Even in school during lunch recess, before and after school we had so many games to play which are alien to the children of today.  There was such a lot to share with family and friends, which is missing in today’s fast life. We knew our immediate and far relatives very well, which is lacking in today’s generation. They seem to be very self centered and not willing to socialize outside their circle of close friends. Marriages of siblings of friends and even our siblings were an occasion of immense camaraderie.


Combined study in those days were never a cause of concern for parents. Nowadays, it is feared as the children have access to so much of right and wrong, good and evil on the internet. Books no longer interest many children, it is the internet that engrosses their time. Marks and grades of many children start declining as they get more and more deep into the whirlpool of the internet.


To combat these evils de-addiction centres for the young are being opened. Counselors and psychologists work hard to help the children let go of the habit of the internet helping them to adopt and nurture their hobbies, real life activities, interactive education, scientific experiments where the internet need not play any role at all.





3 thoughts on “Hook off the net ~ UBC 19

  1. Really sad state of affairs. Children r do much hooked to the net that they have turned blind to reality. They have forgotten to enjoy d greenery around or romance with other scenic beauty of nature. The see the world through net. Ultimately they get themselves alienated from the world. High time more emphasis has to given to students at school level not to get addicted to internet. Well written piece as it something to be seriously debated.


  2. There are some evils masked in the name of “Development ” which get worse every passing day because we are too depended on them more than Oxygen… any change should be a collective decision by the society…


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