Procrastination ~ UBC 14


The newspaper and magazines lie strewn all around the drawing room. Father and children have just left them at places of their convenience after the morning reading session citing paucity of time. A look at the dining table has me murmuring under my breath, there’s little space for plates and glasses. It is littered with papers, letters, envelopes and what not. Books are overflowing from the shelves on to the study tables. Clothes are all lying scattered around the washing machine in spite of having kept a neat little basket next to it. It has always been in the ratio of 3:1 with three of them in the house littering and scattering and me the sole cleaning personnel. Kitchen is the area where only I access and hence it is in an orderly fashion.

Enough is enough! Today I have decided that for a change I will be at my favorite procrastination destination – my room. Let me live a day of my life as per my liking. Leaving behind all the chores, I switch on my favorite music, mix my colors and wield my strokes on the canvas. Soothing music fills my heart with ecstasy. The various hues of colors lighten my soul. Yes this is it! Perhaps a day away from the regular routine does wonders to one’s spirits.

Everything is procrastinated until tomorrow. Gathering everything strewn around and placing  them in the appropriate places earmarked for them. This is my daily routine, all the while warning all at home that from the next day I will not be tidying up the place. Even as I move around grumbling and setting things right, everyone including me know that this is just what is going to happen the next day too. I will grumble and tidy up as well.



This is my take on The Daily Prompt :

Now? Later!

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?





4 thoughts on “Procrastination ~ UBC 14

  1. Hahaha..this is what is happening in most of the houses..its d duty of mamma to set the house in order.. good narration well said..


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