Life Together ~ UBC 11

Light trickled down through the narrow opening high up on the wall. The sky must be lit up by the moon and stars by this time or was it any light outside? He had no inkling as to what the time was like, only knew that it was well past twilight because the others with whom he shared the room had tea some time back. He did not feel like having tea and so did not accompany them. This place has become his sojourn for the past few days.


God definitely had ample time in His hands when He created her. Her enticing eyes, long sharp  nose and alluring lips were highlighted by her broad forehead and soft cheeks. Luscious black tresses flowing behind her were held together casually by a clip. A flash of smile revealed her white teeth in neat rows. Though not an hour glass figure she maintained herself well and anyone would cast a second glance, such was her charm. The day he set eyes on her he knew she was made for him. They were introduced by a common friend and their friendship kept growing for years not realizing when the definition changed. Whenever he had to be away their hearts felt the pangs of separation and it was only then that they realized that they were in love.


Everything took turns so unexpectedly that they had no time for retrospection. Their bonding was a normal friendship until recently. Belonging to different religions and castes stood in their way of sharing a lifetime of togetherness. It appeared paradoxical that the so called social activists themselves fanned the stigma attached to these issues. How to face society, how to shut the mouths of people at large, the mental agony caused to the elders, the impact it would have on the younger generation, not only on their minds but also what sort of families would accept their alliances and many such queries left them both perplexed. The families who knew each other quite well took up cudgels against one another. Disagreement and unrest in their homes led them to think of going separate ways, but how could they when it was not possible to keep away even for a few hours? Many options were thought of; their pros and cons weighed but to no avail.



 One day both of them met at their favorite hideout, the park on the outskirts of            the city at the fixed time, exchanged pleasantries and sat down on a bench. They        did not know how time flew amidst their conversation. During lunch hour she              handed him his tiffin box opening hers and beginning to eat from hers. They spent      the day with each other and while talking to him she fell unconscious. Carrying            her in his arms he rushed out, called out for a cab and took her to a nearby                    hospital where she was treated by a host of doctors for a day before she breathed        her last leaving him devastated.


He silently went through all the court proceedings and legal formalities accusing him of murdering her, who was his heart and soul and was sent to languish in this cell. He recollected how they hit upon an idea which they thought would not ruin the lives of others.  If they could not live together, why not die together? She had agreed to mix the poison he gave her to their food that she would carry to the park on their last rendezvous. A chit recovered from her purse later on addressed to him said “ I love you so much that I just cannot live without you neither can I do you any harm.”





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