Reap what you sow ~ UBC 8

Every morning I have the habit of shooting off morning wishes to my near and dear ones that number nearly forty five plus. Some days they are simple wishes and on others it maybe some thought provoking quotation. Now, whether this is a good or bad habit is left for you to decide.  At times I wonder whether the person receiving it really values it or am I thrusting myself upon them early in the morning.


Can two days be this long? I never felt so earlier. My mobile internet had got exhausted and I was not able to recharge it, meanwhile my computer too betrayed me simultaneously. A slight tinkle would have me running to the phone thinking that somebody had sent me a message or made an inquiry about my well being. Each time I was extremely disappointed and my heart began to sink. I felt so depressed and in doldrums, not a single one cared for me!




As you sow, so shall you reap, goes the adage. Is this what I had sowed? My near and dear ones are not only my close to my heart, but they live in my heart. Have I not been sincere in my relations? Thoroughly dejected, I felt a lump in my throat each time I remembered how nobody cared for me. There were so many options open to them, my dear ones could drop in a SMS or make a call. What hurt most was that since it was the weekend nobody had office to be bothered about, only a few minutes of family time was to be loaned to me.


Very reluctantly I set my connection right today, I did not want to communicate with anybody who did not care. On switching on my mobile data I was flabbergasted! There were scores of messages awaiting me, nearly a hundred of them. Oh what joy, my eyes moistened thinking that I had so much love showered on me, I was so wrong in thinking otherwise. My dear ones, you live in my heart and though you may not even have the slightest inkling of the ordeal I went through, these messages of yours have made my life a great deal worth living.




10 thoughts on “Reap what you sow ~ UBC 8

  1. Ah. I think everyone is set on Whatsapp these days 🙂 Maybe they are just sooo used to that, that a call or sms option isn’t remembered that easily. But the care is always remembered I feel.

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  2. This is d story of a solitary reaper You are seeds of love n naturally the fruits will be sweet. Greeting one in the morning is just not an etiquette but it has become part of your routine. Thanks to the growth in technology. Good to read

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