Cupid’s bow ~ UBC 7

Mmmmuuahh! I opened my tightly clenched lips. No, I was not blowing a kiss at my beau. It was the last step in the application of my lipstick. Each feature of the person standing opposite me in the mirror looked mine yet alien. These days much of my time was spent in front of the mirror. From a haphazardly dressed person limping back to an immaculate one, the transition I was unaware of.


I turned around to see if the left and right of my back were alright. Back to my face with which I had fallen in love in recent times, I correct the position of my bindi. Each feature of mine was etched clear in his mind; he could tell you every mark which even I may not be aware of. My nose, the length of which was accurately measured by his finger, looked crooked. Was it the effect of his showering his love on me?


I lined my eyes with kajal once again as otherwise he would remind me emphatically that my days of woes are gone and he would not allow it to be smudged anymore. Something on my dressing table came in contact with my fingers which I found was my long ago discarded mascara. No baby, not today, you have been abandoned too long ago for use I tell her. The rouge on my cheeks blended well with my complexion. My hair set in place I glance back at my lips which give away a lot of my well kept secrets. Ensuring that it is smudge free so that he would not be put to any embarrassment as lip locking at the drop of a hat is one of his favourite pastimes when I am around. God alone knows which of his activities is his favorite when it comes to me! Is the cupid’s bow changing shape as a result of being a weak spot of my man ?





7 thoughts on “Cupid’s bow ~ UBC 7

  1. So nicely expressed, thoughts which keeps running in back of the mind of every women while she gets ready. One can easily visualize the whole scenario. Beautiful is the Perfect word for you and your writing.

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