Just for You ~ UBC 6

I just managed to escape banging my forehead against the front of our car as it screeched to a halt. He ran out into the night on to the edge of the culvert on the road of the mountainous terrain we were driving through. It took a minute for me to fathom what it was all about. Yes, it was raining and he was crazy about night rainfall. The breeze was cold and I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible in my seat until he came back. All of a sudden I saw him running back to the car and I heaved a sigh of relief, but that was not to be. He opened the door and forced me out of the vehicle giving me little or no time to reach out for an umbrella. He was crazily romantic in his favorite weather.


We have been travelling continuously for the past couple of days with no particular destination. First it was the beaches and sea shore. Walking hand in hand through stretches of sand and coochie cooing was an experience of its own. Running into the sea when waves recede and running back to the shore as the waves lash back was fun. Holding me back purposely to get me drenched was his intention and when I held him tight, he enjoyed my proximity. Realizing his motive, I too played along. Day or night did not matter, we traveled or rested as and when it suited us. This midnight rain too was a gift to us from Cupid. Nonchalant that it was on the wayside where we were standing, he took me in his arms and planted a kiss that made me melt like wax. I felt like a snow clad mountain basking in sunlight and molten ice flowing all over me. A hardcore romantic, he made my senses go numb as he embraced me delicately but with assertive masculinity. Though a hill station resort was to shelter us for the night and we were nowhere near it, the feeling of being in the arms of one’s beloved was definitely more gratifying and heavenly.


A nudge from my mother upon the announcement of the arrival of the flight bringing him, whom I was out with in my thoughts, jolted me out of my reverie. We were here to receive my consort who was arriving by this flight. He was to be my life partner, whom my parents zeroed in after scanning through scores of eligible bachelors on a matrimonial site. Born in an era of advanced communication technology, we were blessed to be soul mates who regularly chatted, exchanged mails, forwards and what not. We were no longer strangers and knew each others’ likes and dislikes, whims and fancies well though we had never met. Viola!! I spotted my beau in the crowd with that dimpled smile and a sharp gaze penetrating into you that can set ablaze any girl’s heart.





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