Gleefully Lost ~ UBC 3

A cool January morning, to my utter dismay I found that there was something amiss. I was not my natural self, a person unknown even to me. Peeping into the mirror I tried to reassure myself that the reflection I saw was mine. Oh yes, the physique was mine. Then why did I feel lost? The last thing I recollect was having had long online chats with friends, cousins and loved ones before falling asleep the previous night.


Rummaging through my inner self I discovered a certain ecstasy I had never ever felt in my life, the reason for which I did not know. Through the air my mind drifted like a tuft of cotton. I felt on top of the world, wanted to shout out from rooftops that I was strangely happy and share this happiness with everyone. Wherever I looked, all around me there was joy. Were not my friends, whom I stay with, happier than yesterday for no special reason at all? Wasn’t the boy giving me a broader smile today as he handed over the newspaper in the morning? Wasn’t the milkman beaming with joy? Wasn’t the watchman of my building exchanging pleasantries more than his short one liners? Weren’t my colleagues happier to see me today than yesterday? There seemed to be euphoria everywhere in tune with my exultation.


Getting lost has wide dimensions to it, depending on one’s perspective, I realized with serendipity. It can be in the literal sense of the word or metaphorical.


This is my response to today’s prompt on The Daily Post : Wrong Turns :

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.



7 thoughts on “Gleefully Lost ~ UBC 3

  1. U r lost when u r immensely happy or sad. Its a strange feeling when our brains revelove around a fixed axis of thoughts say a particular person or thing and one tend to forget d world around. Good flow.A good subject…enjoyed reading


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