High in the Sky ~ UBC 1

Swaying to the left then right and with each rhythmic sway comes something that takes me higher or lower down like there is no revival. The blue sky is dotted with similar kites like me, only their colours and sizes vary. There are not many varieties of shapes most of them being diamond shaped, majorly differing in sizes. Far away a blue kite is hovering stagnantly aside a yellow one as if holding hands and embarking on a long journey. Right across a red one is skillfully gliding towards the pale green kite to entangle its cord and cut it down to earth. The pale green kite successfully manages to dodge it. These movements are controlled by those holding the other end of the cord.


The cord attached to me was laboriously prepared to brace the gushes of wind and attacks by people flying other kites. Ground glass and glue were mixed and applied to the string and dried to make it sharp enough to cut the thread of attackers or even go for a kill on my own. One end was fastened to me and the other was in the hands of my owner who deftly rolled the entire thread on to a wooden handle securely kept with him. I danced to his tunes and was at his mercy, at times being forced to cut threads of other kites even though I had no liking for it. Subtle by nature, I always liked to play in the defensive.




A sudden gust of wind can take me unawares and leave me stranded if my cord is not in strong and safe hands. I was handed over to somebody at whose whims and fancies I danced in the vast blue sky enjoying the sights of other kites around me. Some were fancifully decorated, some with simple stripes or designs. I was content with my pretty patterns though I found some others more alluring. Lost in thoughts as I soared indolently, I suddenly got a lost feeling. Drifting away and towards the ground, I realized that my string had been deftly cut by the person flying the nearby kite, my master could do little to save me.


Midway I landed in a pair of hands that took upon themselves to get me repaired. Like a baby, I was cared for, my bruises healed, my wounds sutured and morale boosted. A fresh lease of life in the form of a thread was attached and gently, very mildly I was let out to soar in the skies. Being a case of once bitten twice shy, I was very reluctant at first, but the hands that held me transmitted confidence and bit by bit I took to the skies. I felt the loosening as each waft of air took me further upwards. What a wonderful feeling it is to be high up in the sky with a free mind, knowing fully well that the hands that hold my strings will not let me fall prey to another kite!


4 thoughts on “High in the Sky ~ UBC 1

  1. Good narration. No matter is free in this universe. Strings are attached even though u feel u r free. This is d law of the nature. Men r like kites moving to unknown destinations covering unheard horizons hearing unheard voices. All the while there is a unseen string attached to u. If d string is cut somebody else will hold its end. Now u dance to his tunes. You r lucky if d tunes match your moves. Well said …precise angles on human nature..unkmowingly u too look IP d skies. Any kites r there..

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