Penning my Thoughts

writing table


Writing is an art by itself  having no hard and fast concepts, rules or theories, but depending entirely on the thought process of the individual, is what I believe. Though ideas match, no two individuals think alike in all respects. There may be similarities and differences in their opinions, whether they are up to works of fiction or non- fiction. Factually two people may agree but their thought processes originate differently and many a times the language used may also differ.


Hard core factual writing is not my cup of tea, perhaps being a right brained person. As an individual, I have umpteen abstract things around me to write about. An array of events and emotions confuse me when I sit down to write. Yes, I write when I am at my writing desk with the surroundings peaceful. My best comes out when the din within me is at a crescendo is what I believe, but in tranquil environs. A song in the background may not be an interference to my thinking but noise pollutes my thought lines and interruptions I find difficult to pardon.


Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity……was the Daily Prompt on The Daily Post.



2 thoughts on “Penning my Thoughts

  1. Fairly good rendering. If somebody ask me which is the peaceful point in d world I will say without any hesitation that its my bedroom. No matter it is filled with d stench iof old clothes or the sweetness of room freshner. Keep writing..good work


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