Blogs in July

Being prodded along by a loved one I have reached this far this year. Though I was in the habit of scribbling lines and verses very privately none saw the light of the day in the past few years as I did not consider them presentable.


Now emboldened by the support and motivation I got, I nervously attempt at this year’s Ultimate Blog Challenge. My posts in July will be towards this challenge. The task ahead is huge and frightful, but with all your continued inspiration I hope to succeed in my venture. Please continue to keep abreast with my posts and support this endeavour of mine.


Until then 🙂



2 thoughts on “Blogs in July

  1. Pen was mightier than sword. Now keyboard has taken that place. Your words r just flowing like lava gushing out from the crater. A gold mine of creative talent is hidden inside your nerves. Let it come out gushing. It is great reading your lines. When d world is with u why July alone the entire future is with you. Don’t ever stop. Let d keypad bring out the creative giant in u. Love to read u


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