On the Sands of Time


As the next wave rose and water splashed across her face in spite of her trying in vain to stop it with her hands, she ran back and bumped into him. He was not a person who would display his emotions or be unkempt and preferred to stay clear of the waters. Her joy of having been drenched from head to toe knew no bounds. She was as overwhelmed as a child whose first tete-a-tete it was with the tidal waves.

Beaches were witness to their weekend rendezvous unless there was something more pressing. Oh what fun they had walking hand in hand with waves lashing at their feet as if trying to beckon them further into the sea. Sand drifted from below her feet as in life and he stood watching her. Gentle sea breeze messed up her long tresses left open. The feeling was inexplicable. Some called it romance, others togetherness or being in love and whatever synonyms they could think of. Time knew no bounds and the entire day was spent in each other’s company. Vast stretches of sand was interspersed with rocks which offered them resting places. Mercilessly the sun would laugh at them from the clouds and compel them to take shelter under a tree on the sand where she would engage herself in building her castles with wind blowing strands of hair across her face which she would wipe away with the back of her hand only to find that he was enjoying watching her.

Now too when she ran into him, she realized that the spirit had not died down even after they got married and lived decades together. Is this romance, love or togetherness?


8 thoughts on “On the Sands of Time

  1. Holding your partber’s hand n walking through the sand dunes of the seaside is worth igniting your romantic nerves. After a serious stuff this is a bit heart soothening. Good.spreads a smile in my heart.


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