My Green Clean Dream

If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be?   Felling of trees have become the talk of the day. Planting of saplings mark many an auspicious occasion. Anniversaries and memorable days are observed planting trees. This on one hand and merciless cutting of trees on the other. Concrete jungles have given way to whatever greenery was left in my city. Residents have little or no space for plants as they live in high rise buildings or have no land to even grow shrubs. The civil authorities wake up only when they are surrounded by the media or to make declarations only on paper.   I have been born and brought up in an industrial township where one would expect pollution all around. Situated on the sidelines of the Deccan Plateau the land is arid and almost unfavorable for agriculture. Underlying are layers and layers of coal and other minerals. origin_6352602030         50499915         jamshedpur2 Yet here is this beautiful township laid down by a great visionary, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, while setting up a leading industrial house. As the train pulls to a halt one notices the difference between the landscape seen hitherto and this beautiful land nurtured by a thoughtful man with the grit of steel. TATAJI10325680_749024885120402_5831434667768231291_n3 A well planned city with rows and rows of houses each with its own bit of space neatly kept by the occupants with whatever greens possible. Each row of houses interspersed with a small open ground that serves as a playground for children or a place for walk and talk for their parents. There are rows of trees lined along the roads and at times even in clusters when space is available. Parks dot the city in various places providing the much needed play ground to children and catering to all age groups. It is here that parents escorting kids exchange pleasantries, men discuss matters of office and politics, women share their culinary skills, craft and needlework updates, family issues  and anything and everything that interest them. Children of various age groups can be seen with their peers. There are some bigger parks too among which Jubilee Park honors the founder, J N Tata.   tata_township_jamshedpur 524508_157547534410858_701140841_n 19952954 big060001   64101_157794431052835_1425846722_nbig01  jamshedpur01   Children grow up in such surroundings and are taught from a very young age to respect nature and the importance of green plants around them. Schools pomp up these skills by organising competitions where the children are allotted spaces for class gardens and the best are rewarded.   10292157_302744329881015_1465799839915935344_n 542123_382309715152639_963499322_n560682_382310965152514_808760768_n 1526715_302744516547663_8176825487228362607_n   Apart from that stadiums, golf courses, race courses, boat clubs, air strips, Dimna Lake and other picnic spots add to the greenery on the outskirts of the city.   Kenan_Stadium_Tatanagar Tata Steel a-model-township big14 big15 Dimna Lake 1 Dimna Lake Golmuri_Golf_Course   Greenery is the keyword to this beautiful city of steel, Jamshedpur, that houses people from different states belonging to different castes and creed and different strata of society, but all knit into one huge chain of mankind. I would like the civic bodies and citizens in my hometown to emulate this clean green attitude rather than crying hoarse about environment pollution and green house effects and make this city too as dear to one and all.
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N.B. – This is an article I laid my hands on after publishing my post. The link is copied here if it interests you……..       .

4 thoughts on “My Green Clean Dream

  1. what beautiful photos 🙂 if such greenery were there in any place, that place would be simply heavenly I feel. if they are spreading the green message and practicing what they preach, it just makes me feel good even by just reading about it. thank you. 🙂


    • Yes, it is true. This industrial house is committed to the welfare and upliftment of their employees and the society at large. They have numerous schemes in all spheres like education, environment, health and sports etc.


  2. A picture can replace thousand words is an old Chinese adage. The pictures mixed with clear n vivid detailing drives you to the eternal bliss of lush greenery. Don’t know whether the author is from that place but is as good as a beautiful travelogue. Good


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