My quiet corner

An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it? Below is my response to this prompt from The Daily Post.


A magical room?!! The idea of having a room all to myself was simply superb but the choice of items to be taken along confused me. I just can not be away from my music, painting, books, a pen and some paper, my phone, computer, a bottle of drinking water and a place to sit on. Now this was asking for too much as I was allowed to carry only three items if I did not want the room to disappear entirely.



After much picking and choosing I decided to carry a computer with an internet connection to keep me linked to the world for my daily dose of news, books, music, writing, communicating with my loved ones and the numerous uses it could be put to. My phone and my chair too got a place of prominence, leaving my bottle of water just outside the door.

E-books would keep me occupied with some music in between in tune with my mood. Prayers and meditation need no articles and can be done at will whenever I felt like. These are things I would like to do to relax while I stay away from my family that is living in this very house, of which this room becomes a part.




4 thoughts on “My quiet corner

  1. I like the honesty, that even in a magical room, you would take a laptop to keep you connected with the world 🙂 music and books are something very vital to me as well. the former is madhuram, the latter atimadhuram 😉


  2. When young we all used to dream of a own room when we grow up. Posters of film heroes or band troops adorning the walls. When we grow it gives way to a house. You plan n plan n finally design it within your budget. No matter how small. It is d solace u get from an own space cannot be compared. For your creative talents to spread wings there should be a point in the house where u see everything but nobody sees u. That is your room. Good rendering


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