In The Hands of The Almighty


The voice at the other end told me to rush home immediately and also inform all concerned, our near and dear circle of friends and relatives. Dismally wonder struck we rushed there. Hurdles and traffic hold ups along the road topped by the untimely rainfall tested my patience. Normally the journey would have been done in two and a half hours but today it was never ending. I rushed out of the car as it finally pulled to a halt. There he lay, the first man in my life, covered head to toe in a white sheet. His face showed a pleasant calm. I had been with him till yesterday oblivious of the state he would be in today.

My father might have been just another person to others but he was my super hero. There must have been times when I held on to his finger learning to take my first steps of which I have no memories, only hear say. The value and quality of education imparted was highly valued by my parents and hence my brother and I got the best of schooling of our times. We have built up on the foundation laid by our parents and school teachers to what we are in life today. We got the liberty to choose what we wanted to study after our school education. When I landed my job while still at studies, my father was particular that I should complete my graduation at least. His dream that I couldn’t realise was to see me as a qualified medical practitioner.

I remember vividly that we always had our meals together from a big plate, even when I was a school kid. As a teenager I must have shied away from the practice or felt too grown up perhaps because after that we ate in separate plates. My share of food was always specially fed to me by my father in a carefully moulded morsel from then onwards which carried on even after I got married and had children too. I still remember how my father used to be confused whether to feed my daughter first or me whenever he visited us. If he had his way he’d feed me first but that would hurt my baby daughter who would put up a grumpy face, so it was always her first who got the first morsel.

Every minute instance in life has a long story associated with my family, especially when I’m missing my father very much now. Little did I know on the first of May that, that would be my last rendezvous with him! Missing you tremendously. You have taught me that life must go on and in that I do firmly believe with a heavy heart. I try to console myself that you are safe and happy in the hands of the Almighty. I try to rest assured that you are watching over us and are showering your blessings upon us.


8 thoughts on “In The Hands of The Almighty

  1. Hello Aunty…. You know, just like you I started my blog within a month of losing my daddy! Strange co-incidences….


  2. Father is symbol of security for any child. He grows under his wings. He is sure while he tread the lofty mountains ahead papa will be there to push him up.Salute to tthis great man.


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